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Free to play, cross platform, strategy MMO set in a fantasy world of conquest, alliance and betrayal.

Games you can play together

We believe in creating a great game experience for everyone. We believe you should be able to play your game with all your friends on any device - even if they choose to play on a different tablet or phone - so, we build cross platform games that work on everything, seamlessly.

About us

Founded in 2012, Digit is a VC backed games developer based in Dublin, Ireland. Our best-in-class development team have unrivalled experience in MMO, console, browser, social and mobile gaming. Kings of the Realm, our first game, was released in August 2014.

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Team Digit is all about games - we make them; we play them; we eat, sleep and dream them. We are a team with one goal: to create games that our players love playing; and to have fun doing it.View team

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Digit Game Studios
4 Prince's Street South
City Quay, Dublin 2

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Digit is backed by Act Ventures, Delta Partners and Enterprise Ireland.