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Scopely signs partnership with DIGIT Game Studios, Ireland’s largest game developer – makes strategic investment in multi-game publishing deal

Walter Driver, Co-Founder and CEO at Scopely

Walter Driver, Co-Founder and CEO at Scopely

Los Angeles, USA – Scopely, the leading touchscreen entertainment network, has revealed a strategic partnership with DIGIT Game Studios. Scopely is making a multi-million dollar investment in Ireland’s largest game developer as part of the multi-game publishing deal.

Scopely is the partner of choice for the world’s leading free to play game developers,” said Tim O’Brien, Chief Revenue Officer, Scopely. “We are looking to partner with the world’s leading mobile game developers of specific genres, and see DIGIT as an emerging market leader in strategy games. We are excited about helping accelerate the studio team on their path to success with this multi-game publishing partnership.

Based in Dublin, DIGIT Game Studios is Ireland’s largest game developer, with an international team with collective experience working on successful browser, console, MMO, mobile and social games. The partnership with Scopely will marry Digit Game Studios’ development experience and deep focus on strategy games with Scopely’s proven track record of launching successful, chart-topping apps on both the App Store and Google Play.

We’ve gotten to know many well-known publishers and chose to work with Scopely because we believe they give us the best chance to build the games we aspire to make and turn them into huge commercial successes,” said Richard Barnwell, founder and CEO, DIGIT Game Studios. “Partnering with Scopely enables us to quickly grow our team and focus on building incredible strategy games with the confidence that Scopely can bring them to a large audience. Currently, we’re adding new features to Kings of the Realm and scaling up our studio to launch an all-new title together, with iconic, world-leading AAA IP, that we feel has a chance to be huge.

DIGIT Game Studios debuted its first title, Kings of the Realm, in September 2014. Kings of the Realm is an engaging fantasy strategy MMO with innovative 3D gameplay and is the world’s first truly cross-platform game.

About Scopely

Scopely is the leading touchscreen entertainment network. Founded in 2011, Scopely partners and collaborates with elite game developers and global entertainment companies to bring industry leading distribution and monetization technology to free to play games. Scopely oversees marketing, analytics, ads, business development, live ops, quality assurance, community management, and more, empowering developers to focus on building and refining great gameplay experiences to earn the loyalty and love of millions of players around the world.


DIGIT Game Studios is a cross-platform games developer founded in 2012. DIGIT is Ireland’s largest game developer with an international team based in Dublin, Ireland. The team’s collective experience in browser, console, MMO, mobile and social games has seen them work on some of the world’s most successful game franchises.

Boasting an evolutionary spirit, a truly open culture and bold ambitions to evolve the games industry, DIGIT launched their first game – Kings of the Realm – in September 2014. Kings of the Realm is a free-to-play, fantasy, strategy MMO with AAA caliber artwork and innovative 3D gameplay. It is the world’s first game seamlessly cross-platform MMO with a global community competing in ‘one big world’ on browser, Apple, Android and Windows devices.

DIGIT is backed by Delta Partners, ACT Venture Capital and Enterprise Ireland.

DIGIT Game Studios

DIGIT Game Studios

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