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Life in Dublin ☘️

Come to Dublin and live and work in one of the greatest cities on the planet. Twice voted the “Friendliest City in Europe” by TripAdvisor, Dublin is also one of the most diverse, vibrant and multi-cultural cities in Europe.

Europe's Digital Tech Hub

Dublin is the perfect mix of old and new – while boasting a rich history which stretches back over a thousand years to pre-Viking times, the city has more recently become home to a number of global tech giants, such as Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Stunning scenery on your doorstep

Part of Dublin’s charm is its size – big enough to always keep you entertained and amused, but small enough to easily find your way around. And, if you walk around “town” enough, you’ll probably run into someone you know, and find your next point of interest just around the corner.

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