Meet the Team

Team DIGIT is all about games. Our exceptionally talented, international team boasts an enviable collective experience, having worked on some of the world's most successful franchises in browser, console, MMO, mobile and social games.

Talent knows
no borders

Our international team has been gathered from all around the globe and our group of designers, developers, artists and engineers already includes 11.5 different nationalities. All are welcome and each unique perspective adds new character to our ever-evolving DIGIT cultural mix.

Richard Barnwell

Founder & CEO

David McGovern

Founder & Director of Production

Fergus Duggan

Founder & Art Director

Rosie Dignam

HR Generalist

Anja Sisirak

Office Manager

Om Tandon

Director of UI/UX

Jobe Lloyd

Client Technical Director

Kevin Bergin

Lead Game Server Developer

Artur Stawiarski

Lead Web Systems Developer

PJ O'Halloran

Lead Game Client Developer

David Chester

Lead Game Client Developer

Bulut Karakaya

Lead Game Client Developer

Philip Dunne

Lead 3D Artist

Adam Beck

Associate Producer

Daniele Cariola

Senior Game Client Developer

Artiom Lunev

Senior Game Server Developer

Jonathan Lynch

Senior UI Developer

Stephen McGuinness

Senior Web Systems Developer

Artur Mesjasz

Senior Web Systems Developer

Christian Schinkoethe

Senior Game Client Developer

Diogo Alves

UI/UX Designer

Stijn Bouchier

Game Client Developer

Tanya Byrne

UI Technical Artist

Philip Cass

Game Developer

Dylan Cheung

Concept Artist

Mason Cheung

Concept Artist

David Donoghue

LiveOps Systems Developer / Designer

Dave Grogan

UI/UX Artist

Ian Kavanagh

UI Technical Artist

Ben Keenan

Game Client Developer

Robert Lawson

Data Engineer

Brian Lelas

Game Designer

David Lynam

Game Server Developer

Simon McDonnell

Game Client Developer

Ross McKinley

Build and Release Engineer

Aidan O'Flannagain

Game Server Developer

Felix Schmietainski

Senior Game Designer

Jan van der Kamp

Test Automation Engineer

Thiago Rocha

UX UI Designer

Beñat Garaizabal

Community Manager

Paul Fitzsimons

Technical Producer

Michael Muck

Game Server Developer

Grace Byrne

Finance Assistant

Kylie Van De Putte

Junior 3D Artist

Stefan Jönsson

Senior QA Tester

Sebastian Maj

Senior Dev Ops Engineer

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